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Leave your tax preparation needs to Michael Hinze CPA PC. Our firm specializes in completing returns for small businesses and individuals. Whether if you have an individual or joint 1040 tax return or a small business keeping up with your growth, we can help!

Tax preparation for an individual can include education credits, housing taxes, dependents, itemizing and much more. Keep track of your events throughout the year and we will help sort out the rest. We take pride in helping you maximize your tax situation. Throughout the process we will provide advice as we go as well as giving you advice for the upcoming tax year. The IRS can change rules at any time so we will keep you informed.


Using our tax services for small businesses and individuals we can help you with your tax returns and tax planning needs. With our tax services we provide estimated tax vouchers, sales/use tax returns, responses to CP2000 IRS notices and other IRS issues that may come up.

Do you have a small business? We know how running a business can be challenging which is why we look forward to serving you! By helping you in filing timely, keeping track of expenses, filing your state taxes can help you to avoid surprises later. We help out LLC’s, partnerships and corporations with their tax needs throughout the year.

IRS rules tend to be stricter for businesses than they are for individuals. It is incredibly important that ongoing business transactions are reported accurately to avoid any penalties. Be sure to check out our Tax, Accounting and Payroll services for small businesses.